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avocado oil based soap recipe.

*Limited product due to high demand - more coming soon!*

product description:

this series of BARK BARs are based on an avocado oil recipe and is our favorite blend so far. we'd describe it as the perfect dog soap that's safe for you and your pup, while giving you a moisture-rich lather at every use! we chose the avocado oil because it's known for its moisturizing abilities, while also being rich in vitamin e. this works hard to help rejuvenate the fur to a natural shine, and soothes the skin.

do you have a long-haired dog or one with delicate hair?

consider purchasing the bark bars with added jojoba oil!

*jojoba oil has a very hydrating composition which makes it a great moisturizer. it is commonly added to shampoos and conditioners for an added layer of protection from dryness & breakage. this helps keep your dog's hair looking and feeling great. -- click here for more details and a list of other benefits it has!

product ingredients can be found here.

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