Your Valentine's Day Activity Guide

6 things to do with your pup on Valentine's Day!

Nathan Hewett

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, everyone’s discussing their plans. But why not ditch the hectic meal reservations, over-priced flowers, and spend some quality time with your furry friend instead! Here's our compilation of 6 fun things you can do with your pup this Valentine's Day. 

1) Make homemade Valentine’s Day themed dog treats for your furry friend.

We found 15 Valentine’s Day dog treat recipes that you and your pup can sniff through. What an enjoyable way to bond with your puppy, and help make the occasion special for you both.

Click here for the recipes!

2) Let your dog pick out a new toy!

Kids unquestionably love going to look at toys when they shop. They enjoy picking one out to purchase even more. Dogs are no different! Most pet stores have policies that allow your pet to accompany you, as long as they're on their leash. Try taking your favorite furry friends with you to the pet store. Make sure to give them plenty of time to browse the shelves. They'll be so excited to bring one home and start playing with it!

3) Take your dog shopping with you!

We've already talked about going to get a toy together, but maybe some quality time & retail therapy is what you need for a perfect day together. Many chains allow your pets to come with you, as long as they're leashed. Here's a link to a site that calls out 33 retail chains you might not have thought about!

4) Bark over a buddy!

One easy way to make this Valentine's Day a memorable one would be to arrange a play-date with one of your pup's favorite pals. This is one of our preferred options because it allows them to burn a bundle of energy, and give you time to spend with a friend!

5) Go swimming together!

Most puppies love the water. They won't always go swimming in the deep at first, but at the very least they'll have fun splashing around. One idea to keep in mind is that dogs frequently learn behaviors from each other (also explained here). If you have a furry friend with that loves to swim, there's a possibility your dog will pick up the same behavior! 

Now, if you're located in a state where it's below 0 degrees at the moment, we suggest seeking out a pet resort. Here are a few resorts that we found located in Minnesota: The Paw, Top Dog Country Club, & Woof Dah.

6) Give your dog a bath!

Giving your dog a bath can be some excellent bonding time. Even if your dog doesn't like getting bathed, they'll definitely appreciate being clean afterward. We love using our Eucalyptus & Lavender scented Bark Bar during bath time. To make it even more special, you can integrate one of our bark bombs into the mix as well! They come in 2 scents, rose & eucalyptus.

Bring me to the bath supplies!