your holiday themed doggy gift guide!

your guide to finding a great gift for your furry friend

Nathan Hewett
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Do you have a dog of your own? How about a friend that's got one? We scoured the web to curate, what we thought to be, the best and most diverse dog-related gifts. Here's what we came up with:


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1. A fancy new pet collar

Our dogs spend most of their lives wearing collars, but how often do they get a new one?

One of our personal favorites was this Captain America Logo Seatbelt Buckel dog collar. One of our pets rocks this collar and it looks great!

Link to this collar


2. A cute new doggy toy bin

If the pet you have in mind is anything like ours, they're spoiled with toys! Having a nice bin to store them in, allows your furry friend to grab one when they desire while helping keep the clutter managed. 

They're also pretty cute!

Link to this bin

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3. Very Corgi Christmas Sweater

Who doesn't love a warm, cozy Christmas sweater?

There are plenty of other pet-themed Christmas sweaters, but this one was one of our favorites! We encourage you to take a look!

Link to sweater


4. All weather dog boots

A dog's feet can get tired, or worn down, just like ours! If your pet gets a lot of exercise, or you live in states that have cold winters, consider picking up a pair!

Link to boots

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5. An awesome new dog bed

You've probably heard of Casper before. They're one of the big 'bed in a box' companies, with a big internet presence. Turns out, they also use their technology to make dog beds!

Is this one not for you? No problem, there are so many great alternates out that you should check out.

Link to this bed


6. A machine washable snuffle mat

Does your dog rub have an itchy nose? This might just be the perfect gift! We hadn't seen one of these before but based on the reviews we are going to be ordering one.

Selling point: machine washable.

Link to this mat

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7. Fun feeder, slow bowl 

This dish has changed our lives. When we first adopted our pet, she'd eat her food faster than I could dump it into the bowl. Often times, she'd then run around after and sometimes cough it back up.

If you haven't tried one already, I'd highly suggest getting any type of slow feeding dish. We personally love this one because there are so many obstacles.

Link to slow feeder


8. Collapsible Dog Bowl

Are you and your puppy always on the go? These are so convenient and you need one! We have a dedicated doggy bag that we utilize when on the go. Our collapsible dog dish just stays clipped to one of the zippers, so that it's always ready to be used. Talk about handy when it's a hot summer day and you're out and about!

Price: $5-$15

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9. An Interactive Canine Puzzle Game

Do you have a smart cookie on your hands? How about one that needs to work on their skills a little? This might be the perfect gift for you! 

There are a number of different difficulty levels that you can select from, and you can use regular dog food in them! We try to use ours every couple of nights, just to stimulate our puppy's brain.

Link to this puzzle


10. A classic canine-friendly toy

You can't go wrong with a classic toy!

What we really like about the Nylabone series, is that they have a diagram on the packaging that shows what types of chewer it is best suited for. We have an extreme chewer on our hands, and toys hardly last a few hours. Not with these!


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11. A package of Bark Bars!

Still debating what to get your furry friend? A package of the bark bars is the perfect gift. They're cute, homemade & natural, and keep your dog clean! 

Shop Bark Bars

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