kick kennel cough to the curb

by Amber Masloski

Amber Masloski
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As dog owners, we have all probably heard of the notorious illness that dogs can catch, called Kennel Cough. Although most of us take the necessary precautions of vaccinating our dogs, just like any preventive it is not fowl proof.

With symptoms including a dry, hacking cough, and in extreme cases intense gagging, Kennel Cough can last anywhere from 10-20 days with no relief in sight. Most veterinarians suggest allowing the illness to run its course similarly to how we would treat the common cold. However, there are ways to help bring comfort and to give partial relief during these agonizing days. 

Both raw honey and coconut oil are popular options for dogs. According to HealthyPets, raw honey can help soothe the throat and contains herbs that will help naturally suppress a cough. While coconut oil has also become a popular supplement since it is known to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, and parasites. Bruce Fife, ND, explains, “Taking coconut oil daily...will help prevent your dog from becoming infected.” Stating that one teaspoon of coconut oil per every 10 pounds of weight.

Additionally, the use of essential oils can also assist in easing some discomfort. HeatlhyPets calls out eucalyptus & lavender specifically because they both contain anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties that can help with breathing.

Here at The Bark Bars, we have Bark Bombs that contain eucalyptus essential oils. These are great because they diffuse very quickly in the tub. Know a dog that has kennel cough? A spa day could be the answer to combat some of those symptoms.

We Bark because We Care.

***In some extreme cases of Kennel Cough, pneumonia may develop. If a furry friend has not started to get better on their own after a few weeks, schedule an appointment with a vet to be safe. This direction also applies if the symptoms seem to be beyond that of the typical kennel cough. If a pup has The infected patient can remain contagious for up to 14 weeks even if no signs or symptoms.***


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