cedarwood essential oil packs a punch!

see the top uses of cedarwood essential oils

Nathan Hewett
Cedarwood bar of soap

We recently added the cedarwood scent to our bark bars collection, and we wanted to share a little about why we chose to do that.

For starters, steam distillation is used on cedar wood pieces to give you cedarwood essential oil. This essential oil has a fabulous woody and sweet aroma, and also carries some great health benefits as well!

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Cedarwood essential oils have been used for many purposes. Some of the most notable purposes include to help prevent infections, reduce inflammation, repel insects (like ticks!), promote hair growth, soothe dry skin, be a natural deodorizer, and help with coughs. On top of this, it has also been known to have a sedative effect which can provide a calming effect on the mind, and help with arthritis.

We fused this package deal into our bark bars to provide a magnificent smelling bar that has an added punch. Check it out in our shop!

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the bark bar

$6.99 ea. | approx 3 oz | 3" x 2"

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Important to note: Cedarwood essential oils can become dangerous in high dosages or frequencies. Consult your vet or doctor with concerns. 

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