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one of those end-of-year kind of things that companies do (sometimes)

Nathan Hewett
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At this time we are supposed to tell you all about the amazing work that has been accomplished with The Bark Bars. We would do so in a neat, snappy, end-of-year kind of way. But, business is never neat and definitely not snappy, especially when we pulled all of this off within 4 months. We have put the hard effort of blood, sweat and tears type of thing into making this all happen.

From day one, of telling our friends and neighbors that we were going to make our own soap, soap for dogs that is. To the day we launched our website and our first ever event. It has been an ongoing process of long nights, Skype meetings, and bomb busts. But here we are. 

Hear us now! We are loud and Barking proud! This year, we'll accomplish more than ever. This year, we're dreaming BIG. Although we can’t share our secrets with just anyone, you can join our "circle" and subscribe and find out more.

So hats off to an amazing 2019. From us to you!

head over to get our soap into your paws soon!

our bark bombs are only $1.50 each!